Timer/stopwatch app with speech and a unique rule system

VersaTimer is a simple-to-use timer/stopwatch, with some very powerful and unique features that makes it different from other timer and stopwatch apps. The display uses big easy-to-read digits, and if you rotate the device to landscape mode the digits are even bigger and could easily be used on an iPad in a public event (fully supports all the new iOS devices).

At the basic level, it works as a normal timer or stopwatch. In timer mode it can be set to play a sound and/or vibrate when the timer reaches zero. You can also add an interval sound that will be played at a certain interval, like every minute. There are a selection of sounds to choose from, ranging from beep-sounds to fanfares. Instead of the sounds, the time that is left (or has passed) can be announced. In stopwatch mode you can also keep track of lap times (current, previous, fastest and slowest).

At the most complex level, up to five rules can be defined, and each rule can play a different sound (or announce the time left/passed) at different intervals. Using rules, you can “build” the timer functionality that you need. You can for example create a timer that plays a sound every minute, then a different sound every 15 seconds for the last minute, and finally count down the last seconds from ten to one. There is also a cycle option, so that you can set a shorter cycle within the standard timer cycle and the rules will then be applied on the shorter cycle and therefor repeat as long as the timer is running.

NOTE! The timer will not actually operate when the device is “sleeping” or if you jump to another app when the timer is running. It WILL keep track of the time, and alert you with a notification if the timer reaches zero, but it will not run continuously in the background and play the various interval sounds.

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